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It’s Monday and after the weekend Liverpool now need only 6 points to win the Premier League.  To say i’m excited is a huge understatement.  This is the year that I, along with reds fans have been waiting 30 years for.  My Manchester United loving mates are hoping that the Corona Virus outbreak will cancel football in the UK and the season will be declared null and void.  Maybe some games will be played behind closed doors but I certainly can’t see that happening.  

I spotted this online – Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp has lost the Champions League final and then went on to win the Champions League the following season.  Last season he lost out on the league by one point and now he is on the brink of winning it.  It brings a whole new meaning to the statement ‘next year is our year’. True words!

This week Rebecca is back on the radio show having been ill for a few weeks suffering from Sepsis.  It is a terrible condition and it’s great to hear her back on air and on the way back to full health.  Whilst she was in hospital both Paulo and I visited. We hear a lot about the NHS and how under pressure the service is.  We never hear as much about the great work that is undertaken by the doctors, nurses and all the staff that make a hospital operate.  I ordinarily try not to be around hospitals, I’m a typical bloke in that respect.  On the day I visited, A&E was really busy and there was lots going on.  The staff were amazing and deserve lots of credit for carrying out their job under the most difficult circumstances.  You only ever see the constraints our hospitals are under when you need the services yourself or when you go to visit someone. We all hope that if you need the service it will be there for you.  Fair play to everyone working hard in our hospitals, you deserve much more credit than you get.  

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This week I ventured onto Tik Tok for the first time in ages.  My daughter Ivana wants me to record some videos with her. I haven’t got round to it just yet but she loves the platform and I love how it is bringing out her creativity.  I am excited to see how ‘fleets’ work on twitter and if they launch globally.  The platform is currently testing the new feature in Brazil and a global rollout will happen if it proves to be a success.  ‘Fleets’ in essence is Twitters version of Instagram and Snapchat stories and like those platforms will disappear from a twitter account after 24 hours.

Former Ulster and Ireland Rugby Captain Rory Best

Rory Best stopped by the studio this week.  The former Ulster and Ireland Rugby captain was in top form as he presented us with copies of his new book which charts his amazing career on the pitch. This is the guy who captained Ireland when they beat the All Blacks for the very first time; just one of a long list of achievements.  I’ve only started reading the book but so far so good, it’s really enjoyable.

Thanks for reading my thoughts this week; I’m now off to my kid’s school for parent teacher interviews.  Wish me luck…


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