I didn’t have the heart, inspiration or motivation to write

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Hello friends,

I hope you are safe and well.  It has been around 10 weeks of lockdown.  Corona Virus, Covid 19 and social distancing are terms that have become our daily thoughts and our conversation across the world.  

My weekly blog came to an abrupt halt for number of reasons. Firstly; I write about what is happening in my life and what I’ve been up to and suddenly I was in the house just like everyone else. I would like to add that I counted my blessings that I was in the house and safe.  Our NHS and Keyworkers were and our on the frontline to help us, they are incredible!  Secondly, like everyone else I was confused, worried, anxious about what we were facing, the safety of my family and friends and honestly I didn’t have the heart, inspiration or motivation to write.

I want to ride my bicycle

10 weeks have passed and we as a family have been getting used to our new normal. I have been able to continue to broadcast and have loved the normality of being on air in a very abnormal situation. I have spent more time with Julia and the girls than normal circumstances would have allowed.  Zoom calls with friends, family and work colleagues have become the new norm; and to be honest as much as I miss our normal way of life and the hustle and bustle, there are elements of lockdown I have enjoyed.  I will cherish the time I have had with my family. There has been heartbreak and tragedy for many families around the world and my heart goes out to everyone who has been left devastated by this disease.  

So what have you been up to in lockdown?  

Life Skills

For us it has been about having as much fun as possible with our girls. There are elements of home schooling but in the most part they are learning “life skills”! There has been plenty of baking, den building, glitter, painting, cycling and scooting ! 

Ivana and Elayna before getting messy

Cool before Bedtime.  

Every Wednesday myself, Paulo and Rebecca from the radio show introduce 5 young talented listeners to the public on Cool FM Facebook.

You never know what you’ll get on ‘Cool Before Bedtime’.

Big Shop Thursday.  

My weekly trip to the shops to get the weekly shop for my Mum and us.  The shopping experience has changed beyond belief. At the start there where no smiles or waves or even excuse me’s.  There was fear in everyones eyes.  Thankfully this has changed in recent weeks. I’ve also become quite a savvy shopper  I cant wait to get home to tell Julia about the weekly bargains I’ve bagged! 

Clap for Carers.  

8pm Thursday.  We have used car horns, pots and pans and every instrument in the toy box to show our appreciation for the NHS and keyworkers.  Our heroes! These times have shown us all who the true heroes are in our world.

Gary Lightbody live every Thursday after 8 – Superb, every week.

Gary Lightbody in action

Fitness Friday 11am Cool FM facebook.  

Paulo, Rebecca and myself show our flexibility or my lack of it and give you a laugh (hopefully) whilst fitness professional takes us through our paces.

Virtual nights out.

We used to struggle to get babysitters and a suitable date to meet our group of friends that we ended up catching up every 5 months ! Not anymore ! We Zoom every Friday. 

Live at 5 Saturdays – My weekly mix of tunes I never get the chance to play. 5pm every Saturday on my facebook page.

In the Mix – Those watching even send me their pics, thanks for that!

Sundays have been Ozark, Killing Eve and reruns of Entourage and then its back to the radio show on a Monday. 

That has been our lives for 10 weeks and it’s been the closest thing I have had to a routine since I was at school.  I will be ready for getting out into the real world when the time comes, but for now I hope like everyone that we can remain safe, stay healthy and our heroes can continue to help the most vulnerable in our society.  To all the heroes I say thank you.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this.   As much as I have painted a picture of everything being rosie in lockdown, I have had my down days too and that is alright.  We all have had them, these are uncertain times but we will get through and fingers crossed better times will be ahead on the other side.

Take care and stay safe,


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