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One week down and I have watched every episode of ‘I’m a Celebrity”. Incredible.   I know all the contestants and although some episodes have been better than others I think it’s been a great watch.  Why is this important I hear you ask?  It’s important because usually by this stage of the competition everyone is talking about it and I have no idea what is going on.  As sad as it is, I am actually quite proud of myself.  For what its worth I reckon the top three at this stage will be Nadine Coyle, Caitlyn Jenner and Jacqueline Jossa.  What do you think?

There is mega talk in my house about the ‘Elf on the shelf’.  All I is hear is ‘when are they arriving, when are they arriving?’ Excitement is reaching fever pitch and now a request for a blue one!  ‘A blue one’ I said! Yes was the reply.  So I got in touch with Santa.  Blue ones are difficult to come by.  Any ideas?

I was invited to speak for this years ‘International Men’s Day’.  To be honest I wasn’t aware that it was a thing.  It has been going for at least twenty years. The theme this year was ‘role models’.  Who is a role model, why are they a role model and why are they important. I really enjoyed the experience speaking to staff at Lloyds Bank in Belfast.  Speaking at events is something new for me over the past six months.  I have really enjoyed presenting on self-confidence, networking, goal setting and dealing with set backs.

Pete Snodden with winners and finalists at the ‘Mighty Women’ awards.

On the event front this week I hosted two brilliant events at Titanic Belfast. First up was the ‘Mighty Women Awards’. It was an incredible evening celebrating women from all across Northern Ireland who are excelling in their chosen field and making a difference to society.  The overall winner was Petra Wolsey from the Beannchor group, who has made a major difference to the hospitality sector launching many new venues over the years right across Northern Ireland.

Boom Foundation Gala Ball with host Pete Snodden

On Saturday night I hosted the ‘Boom foundation’ gala masquerade ball.  A super event; so well organised and supported; a significant amount of money was raised on the night. The craic was amazing but I underestimated how many fellas would actually turn up wearing a mask.  Having not purchased one I was in the minority, feel wick! https://theboomfoundation.co.uk

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