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So Christmas is here.  Go on admit it!  Many houses close to me have the tree and decorations up, every ad on TV is a Christmas ad and they are handing out free celebrations in my local garage when you pay for your fuel.  Now, I am all for Christmas, it’s my favourite time of the year but I draw the line at wearing a Christmas jumper before the 1stDecember.  I couldn’t believe my eyes on Saturday night when I saw a gentleman in all his Christmas jumper glory in the pub.  Decorations yes, but Christmas jumpers already?  No just no.

I was out on Saturday night after working at the Northern Ireland vs Netherlands match. The atmosphere at the stadium was amazing just like Northern Irelands performance.   The team excelled themselves but unfortunately didn’t get the win.  The match finished nil each.  I think it’s truly brilliant that we are competing on a level with one of the strongest sides in the world and we turn up expecting a win. This result is another one to ad to Michael O’Neills resume.  Michael has announced that he will step down as manager.  The reception he got from the fans made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It was pretty emotional to be honest. On leaving the stadium I bumped into a hero of mine from the other team.  Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk.  The Dutch skipper was facing me as I walked through the bowels of the stadium. It was the first time I have asked a member of a visiting team for a pic.  He was a gentleman, nothing was a bother and he was very pleasant.  As a massive Liverpool fan he has gone up even more in my estimation.  Good luck to the Northern Ireland team who face Germany away this week.

My daughter Elayna turned 5 this week.  5!  I can’t believe it.  It really is true, once you have kids, you can’t remember what life was like before them,  or how you put your day in!  Polly pockets and Sylvanian families were the presents on the day, and a few of her friends came over for a party at ours.  We went out for a family meal to celebrate.  Elayna always has time to pull a silly face when the camera comes out.

#AD This week I was invited to check out the new Tag Heuer boutique at Lunns in Belfast. I love watches and they have lots in store that I would buy in a heartbeat if I had the funds. On my instagram right now I am running a competition to win a money can’t buy Tag Heuer leather jacket.  Check out my insta grid for all the details.

Finally this week I learnt not to try and send money on my banking app when it says that there are intermittent outages.  I ended up sending the same amount to the same person 3 times.  The joys.  Right, I’m off to try and get my money back.

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