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I write my thoughts this week whilst munching on a profiterole or two from the M&S Valentine’s meal deal.  We opted for steak and not the well advertised ‘love sausage’.  The ‘big’ winners this Valentines Day were the marketing department at Marksies.  Well done, you had everyone talking about your sausage.

Can you watch the news?  It’s six o’clock in my house and I declare that the remote control is now mine.  I turn to the local news and it makes grim viewing.  If it’s not ‘Brexit’, it’s TV that is not suitable for young viewers.  I remember sitting around the table having dinner as a child and the horrific stories and scenes that I witnessed on the news were terrible. The troubles became so normalised, it was everyday and just the way life was.  There was no escaping it.  As a dad I’m now not watching the news, until the kids are away to bed.  I can’t bear to be asked questions about tragedy and to take away their innocence.…….

World radio day was celebrated this week.  On Wednesday we marked the day on Cool FM by giving away DAB digital radios. I remember when DAB first launched, it was ‘the future’.  Although it wasn’t picked up as quickly as the industry would have liked in the beginning, it is well on its way now.  I do feel the switch off of FM radio is still along way away, if it ever happens at all. I am very lucky to be on the radio. I dreamed from a young age of being a presenter, I am thankful everyday for getting to do just that.  It is an amazing medium.  I love how it’s so versatile and if done properly can paint better pictures than TV.  I reminisced this week on air of when I fell in love with radio.  It made me smile.  It was 1990 and I was away on my first school trip.  The destination was Ardnabannon Outdoor Pursuits Centre outside Castlewellan in County Down.  I lay awake in my bunk bed at night homesick whilst everyone else slept.   I listened to the radio on my first cassette radio Walkman.  It wasn’t ‘Sony’, it was this wonderful piece of ‘Alba’ technology.

The station I came across was Cool FM, and it was there my love affair with radio and the station began.  The song playing was Phil Collins, ‘Something happened on the way to Heaven.’  I am extremely lucky to be doing what I love but also to share the journey with amazing friends on air and to those who listen, I am forever grateful. As I always say, you keep us in a job. Thank you.

‘Beer before wine and you’ll be fine’.  Apparently that saying is a ‘thing’ and the key to live a hangover free life. Scientists disproved that theory in revolutionary research this week.  They shouldn’t have wasted their time, I could have told them from many years experience, it’s a load of nonsense.

It’s big week coming up for the Snodden family.  My incredible Mum Irene turns 70 and my eldest daughter Ivana turns a big 8. Where did that time go?  I am taking a few days off to spend time with them and celebrate.

Until next time, thanks for reading…….



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