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Catch ups, meetings and realisations this week. 

I write this having just finished two road safe roadshows which I host around schools and colleges across Northern Ireland and i’ve just had a brief scroll through Facebook. On the roadshow we highlight the dangers on our roads and how we have to be extremely careful when we drive and who we accept a lift from. The message is real and hard hitting and deals with the reality that many particularly young people lose their lives on our roads.

On Facebook I have learn’t about the passing of someone who I was aware of and admired from a distance but never actually met. The comments were lovely, he was held in such high esteem but ‘was taken too young’.  How often do you hear that? Personally I hear it more and more regularly which is so sad. Today has been another one of those days that is a reminder that tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone so we must live it to the full. 

This week I’ve rearranged my Saturday nights. Having played weekly on the top floor at 21 Social in Belfast for 7 years, I’m now going to be DJing monthly on the middle floor in the main room which I’m excited about. It also gives me an opportunity to DJ elsewhere on a Saturday night which I’m also looking forward to. 

Back up your phone and computer. Although my computer is fine I got a good reminder this wk to back it up. Thankfully my phone syncs to the cloud (wherever that is). Last Saturday in a taxi out of the blue my phone froze. Literally out of nowhere. I hadn’t dropped it or smashed the screen. I was using it one minute and next I couldn’t access it. The notifications kept coming up on the screen but I couldn’t open them. It turned out to be 24 hours without a phone.

Two things I have learnt.  Number one, having no access was actually brilliant, you couldn’t answer, text, tweet or blog and it was very relaxing and number two, thankfully I had it backed up otherwise no contacts, emails, photos etc. Complete nightmare. Get yours backed up.  On another note downloading all your apps again and remembering user names and passwords is a right pain in the back side.  

Short and sweet this week. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading,

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