Can you switch off?

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For me switching off has always been difficult. Call it ‘fear of missing out’ if you want, or maybe it’s just being conscientious. Since I started my broadcasting career checking emails was top of the agenda. If there was cover work going you had to get in first! So, back when dial up was just about over and I didn’t have my e-mail on my phone, getting an Internet cafe (particularly on holiday) was a must. That was the start of not being able to switch off.

I recall being in Australia pre kids and thinking about work more than my surroundings. Do I regret that? No, not at all. I remember seeing Ramsey Street, touring the MCG and even visiting Kyle and Jackie O’s studio at 2day FM in Sydney. It was just part of the job or at least that is how I saw it.

The fact is, with time, I’ve got better at switching off, but I have had to work at it.  Is it leaving my phone down? Actually no it’s not.  How can it be? I don’t know about you but one thing our phones have brought us is instant information. What’s the score? Who is that person on the TV? What ever happened to? Your phone offers instant info. So although I’m not purposely putting my phone out of reach, I’m not checking my email and insta etc every two minutes.

I also think switching off comes with experience, age perhaps or maybe being more at one with yourself.  The Christmas period is a time to switch off. I have been taking Christmas off since we have been blessed with kids. I’m very lucky. 12 days off is the perfect time to wind down after a busy run to Christmas. I say wind down, but we have been busy, seeing friends and family. Eating turkey sandwiches, drinking, eating chocolates, playing party games and eating some more! We did manage to clock up thousands of steps at Montalto (so Ivana tells me – 12,000 on her Fit Bit to be exact). It has been a period to make memories. Christmas has been magical with a 7 and 4 year old in the house. To round off the holidays we took a break to the Lough Erne resort In Fermanagh. With a big year for golf ahead – ‘The Open’ at Royal Portrush, I thought I’d get my pic with Faldo!

Now the holiday period is over. Time to switch on and kick off 2019 and aim to achieve those goals I’ve set myself. Let’s start by using my new blender.

New year, new blah blah blah. 

Pete #PS008 

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