Are you getting ‘through’ January?

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I really try to see the positives in every day.  Yes, it’s a bleak month both weather wise, and with little happening socially as ‘dry January’ takes the nation by storm.  I too am trying to be ‘good’.  I’m certainly not persecuting myself but I am trying to cut back on the treats, eat a balanced diet and up my exercise.  So it has been back to the gym and my first ever attempt at Yoga.  

Now that was an experience!  It was relaxing and although I didn’t find it difficult I certainly didn’t find it easy. It taught me a number of things. Firstly, concentrating on your breathing whilst being on one foot and trying to bend your back and look in the opposite direction, is trying, so maybe my multitasking isn’t as good as I once thought! Secondly, I am actually more flexible than I thought I was.  In saying that I was at the ‘beginners’ class. That is level 0. Maybe that stands for zero ability! Anyway, I’ll let you know how I get on in time.

As I have mentioned, I have been watching my diet but I still find time for a beer or gin (or 2) at the weekend.  During the week I have been on the smoothies every day – for you’re interest consistency has been improving and the protein powder no longer clings to the bottom. I’ve even managed two nights in at the weekend and stayed awake long enough to watch Graham Norton on Friday and Match of the Day on Saturday.  Getting through January for me is all about small wins and those were two right there.

Something else I decided upon coming into the New Year was to keep up with my friends and their snap chat community.  Forget texts and calls.  With a few of my mates you may call or text and get nothing back but if you snap chat, it’s instant response.  I have developed a 10-day streak with a few of my mates and counting.  If that means nothing to you, the app simply keeps track of how many days you have communicated in a row with someone.  Miss a day, and the streak is gone.  It is simple and works a treat, but don’t do what I did and add a private message to ‘your story’ for all to see.  That could have been really embarrassing.  

Finally, ‘the 1975’ opened their new tour in Belfast this week.  It was a brilliant show.  It was eighties inspired with the best screens and graphics I have seen outside the last U2 tour.  The stage also had a travelator (remember Gladiators or the moving walk way at the airport) across the front of the stage so Matty (the bands front man) could dance his way from one side to the other whilst the graphics moved with him.  It made it look as though he was walking down a street in front of everyone.  When he stopped so did the graphics.  It was very clever and reminded me of something Jamiroquai would have come up with. The bands new album just like the other two is definitely worth a mention and a fourth album is coming, all being well; this June.  You can hear my chat with Matty on Cool FM by clicking on the link below:

Heading to tonight's The 1975 gig?Pete caught up with Matt to talk about what you can expect at the show!

Posted by Cool FM on Wednesday, 9 January 2019

So another week in January down.  I’m certainly not wishing my life away, but I’m taking an opportunity when things are a bit quieter to embrace the down time and try to implement some new habits.



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