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I was anxious today as I mentioned on this mornings radio show. It was day 1 of P1 for my youngest daughter Elayna. Why were you not there? To be honest that would have added even more pressure to the situation with the question, ‘why is Daddy crying?’  She certainly didn’t need that. On another note, I unlike many Dads (due to work commitments) get to spend a lot of time with my kids in the afternoon and do at least three school runs a week so I am very lucky. The good news is Elayna got on really well and enjoyed her first day. I feel like pouring a glass of wine to celebrate. Why was I nervous about it? I just wanted it to go well and she a shy wee thing in public and around people she doesn’t know. She is certainly not that way at home where she calls the shots lols. Well, maybe not the shots but at home she is the life and soul of our house and anything big sis can do so can she.  I am incredibly proud today and being biased, she is a wee cracker in her school uniform. 

Elayna on her first day of school

We opted for the first day pic outside the front door. It got me thinking, there are two types of people in life. Those who had their first day at school pic taken at the front door or those who had it taken in the living room beside the tv or fireplace. Which one are you?

This summer we have spent considerable time in Portrush as we have a family caravan there. With after schools clubs and work commitments particularly on a Friday we finished up going to the Port on Friday past with Dinner in the ‘winebar’. I ordered something I never order which was a ‘big bowl’ containing prawns, monkfish and noodles.  It’s incredible. If you’re going that way do yourself a favour and order it. Superb. 

This week I spotted a double rainbow for the first time in my life. I know, where have a been? Here’s proof!

Family time rainbow spotting

Also, this week I recorded the weekly football show which I work on at ‘the Oval’ in Belfast which is home to Glentoran the team my Dad took me to watch when I was a kid and showed interest in football. It was brilliant and we were made to feel very welcome. The show is out every Friday and if you have never watched it, click on the link below:

Finally this wk let me introduce you to Stevie who was working at Down Royal Racecourse at an event which I was hosting at the weekend. It was literally four seasons in one day, and he certainly wasn’t letting the rain dampen his spirits.  

It’s time for a rain dance

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