Are you getting ‘through’ January?

A I really try to see the positives in every day.  Yes, it’s a bleak month both weather wise, and with little happening socially as ‘dry January’ takes the nation by storm.  I too am trying to be ‘good’.  I’m certainly not persecuting myself but I am trying to cut back on the treats, eat a balanced diet
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Can you switch off?

For me switching off has always been difficult. Call it ‘fear of missing out’ if you want, or maybe it’s just being conscientious. Since I started my broadcasting career checking emails was top of the agenda. If there was cover work going you had to get in first! So, back when dial up was just
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Goodbye 2018

 I am officially ‘turkeyed’ out. In saying that, turkey curry is just around the corner. I hope you had a fab Christmas. We had a ball. Santa arrived and my kids loved it. At ages 7 & 4 it’s fair to say it was magical. Tip toeing down the stairs and then ‘boom’ wrapping paper
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This is my view as I am sitting on a train from Manchester to London. It’s the morning after the night before. I was at the Manchester Arena to watch Carl Frampton take on Josh Warrington in an attempt to become a World Champion again. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. I sit here thinking about
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A Moment in Time

Isn’t it funny when you look back on certain events many years on they actually take on a whole other significance.The year is 2010. It is a week away from Julia and my 30th birthday. She got herself a toy boy as I am two days younger. We are heading to Ward Park to see
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You never know who you’re speaking to….

‘You never know who you’re speaking to’. I have heard this statement many times in life and in my career to date. Living in Northern Ireland with its small population it’s not uncommon when meeting someone for the first time that you work out that you have a friend or a friend of a friend
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