It’s the countdown to my holidays, which I am really looking forward to; so no blog next week as I’ll be waiting in queues at Disney !  The final few days before you set off seem to drag don’t they?  I am in the midst of trying to tick off my must do list, it isn’t getting
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Some say I need to give up

February has arrived, hurray!!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wishing time away.  January was a long month but I got lots done, caught up with a few friends and planned out most of my year.  So all is good in 2020 to date.   The one thing I love about the year ahead is all the sport we
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I don’t see the point…..

It was 10 years ago this week that Apple launched the I Pad.  Does that make you feel old?  I’ve had one, but honestly I don’t see the point.  I have a phone and a MacBook, my I pad just gathered dust. In the past week I have discovered two things that I never knew I needed in
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Alexa has the answer

January always feels like the longest month doesn’t it?  Is it because you get paid a week before Christmas and payday feels like it’s never coming?  Or is it because of the dark nights and cold days? Or is it because all the excitement leading up to, and over Christmas has passed, and you have an almighty
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Here we go…..

Here we go 2020.  Today marks my first day back on the radio show after the Christmas break.  I have really enjoyed the Christmas period, but I do love getting back on air and back into some sort of routine.  Having made zero trips to the gym over December, I like many others am back at it today.  Even
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What would you like to see?

This is my final blog post of the year, and marks the end of my first year blogging. The reason for starting this; was to enable me to look back over the year and reflect and remember the highlights, my thoughts and feelings.  This year has gone so quickly.  They do say that as you get older the
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