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I write my thoughts this week whilst munching on a profiterole or two from the M&S Valentine’s meal deal.  We opted for steak and not the well advertised ‘love sausage’.  The ‘big’ winners this Valentines Day were the marketing department at Marksies.  Well done, you had everyone talking about your sausage. Can you watch the news?  It’s six o’clock
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Catch ups, meetings and realisations this week.  I write this having just finished two road safe roadshows which I host around schools and colleges across Northern Ireland and i’ve just had a brief scroll through Facebook. On the roadshow we highlight the dangers on our roads and how we have to be extremely careful when
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I know what you’re thinking….

I write this weeks blog whilst sitting in the newly refurbished Jurys inn in Belfast where I’m hosting their relaunch this evening. I remember this place opening in 1997 whilst I was at school next door at Inst.  We now have everything in Belfast which I think we all take for granted sometimes but back
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It’s all Gravy….

It’s the end of January and pay day is just around the corner.  I can sense the sigh of relief from society. Although for some it is the most depressing month of the year I can honestly say I have enjoyed it.  As I have previously mentioned getting into some sort of routine has been
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Are you getting ‘through’ January?

A I really try to see the positives in every day.  Yes, it’s a bleak month both weather wise, and with little happening socially as ‘dry January’ takes the nation by storm.  I too am trying to be ‘good’.  I’m certainly not persecuting myself but I am trying to cut back on the treats, eat a balanced diet
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Can you switch off?

For me switching off has always been difficult. Call it ‘fear of missing out’ if you want, or maybe it’s just being conscientious. Since I started my broadcasting career checking emails was top of the agenda. If there was cover work going you had to get in first! So, back when dial up was just
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