Alexa has the answer

January always feels like the longest month doesn’t it?  Is it because you get paid a week before Christmas and payday feels like it’s never coming?  Or is it because of the dark nights and cold days? Or is it because all the excitement leading up to, and over Christmas has passed, and you have an almighty
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Here we go…..

Here we go 2020.  Today marks my first day back on the radio show after the Christmas break.  I have really enjoyed the Christmas period, but I do love getting back on air and back into some sort of routine.  Having made zero trips to the gym over December, I like many others am back at it today.  Even
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What would you like to see?

This is my final blog post of the year, and marks the end of my first year blogging. The reason for starting this; was to enable me to look back over the year and reflect and remember the highlights, my thoughts and feelings.  This year has gone so quickly.  They do say that as you get older the
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They had the room bouncing

I sit down to write my words this week whilst my mind wanders.  What do I still need to get for Christmas?  How many days is it? Have those items I bought online arrived yet?  It must be the way Christmas has fallen this year making it feel like December is the shortest month ever.  I am super excited
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No benefits.

December is here and I am yet to open my advent calendar.  When I finish writing this week’s blog, I will have two doors to open, on what I hope will be the best advent calendar I’ve ever had ‘Toberlone’. I know what your thinking, why would a man in his late 30’s have an advent calendar?  My
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Feel wick!

One week down and I have watched every episode of ‘I’m a Celebrity”. Incredible.   I know all the contestants and although some episodes have been better than others I think it’s been a great watch.  Why is this important I hear you ask?  It’s important because usually by this stage of the competition everyone is talking about it and
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