A Moment in Time

Isn’t it funny when you look back on certain events many years on they actually take on a whole other significance.The year is 2010. It is a week away from Julia and my 30th birthday. She got herself a toy boy as I am two days younger. We are heading to Ward Park to see
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You never know who you’re speaking to….

‘You never know who you’re speaking to’. I have heard this statement many times in life and in my career to date. Living in Northern Ireland with its small population it’s not uncommon when meeting someone for the first time that you work out that you have a friend or a friend of a friend
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Sometimes your hopes, dreams and aspirations can eventually come true and often when you least expect them.

I began DJing back in 1995. It was Christmas and my parents bought me a pair of soundlab belt drive turntables. The reason for giving the detail on the decks is to highlight that they didn’t keep time particularly well and so made it more difficult to mix. Mind you, I had no idea what
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Balls in the air

It has been a crazy few weeks. For those of you who work in the events sector, you’ll know that work isn’t evenly spread throughout the year. In the build up to the festive period, be it lunches, dinners, award shows etc, they tend to come thick and fast.  I am forever thankful for that
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I love it when a plan comes together.

I have a couple of mottos in life that I always try to stick by. Firstly my late Dad would quote  ‘don’t let the b******* get you down’, when I was letting the haters get the better of me, and secondly ‘keep it simple’. I literally say it everyday to my team on air. A
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At the end of the day…….

I was out for lunch with a friend a few weeks back. It was a good catch up as we chatted family, holidays and work. Generally these are the topics during most of my conversations nowadays as with having children this is the crux of life.  Keeping the balls in the air, bringing the bread
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