To say I’m excited is a big time understatement!

A week or so passes at a blink of an eye. It’s all happening in Bangor where I live as the town gets prepped for the homecoming of our band ‘Snow Patrol’. Although Belfast stakes a claim as does most of Scotland. Anyhow bars up and down the have their entertainment in place and artwork
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The Posh Chocolate is dead on, but…..

Here we are, Easter and the bank holiday have passed and I am sitting down to pen a few words having give myself a couple of weeks off writing to eat Easter Eggs. I haven’t done a very good job, as there are still Eggs to eat in our house.  Talking of Easter Eggs, Lindt, the posh
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We are so ready to lap it up.

The Sun is shining as I type, the light nights are here and Easter is upon us.  I get a sense that there is optimism all around. Holidays, concerts and ‘the Open’ await the good people of Northern Ireland and we are so ready to lap it up. Ok, maybe I generalise; but for such a small part
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The ‘Spotter’ in me.

The summer has arrived and before you think that I am getting ahead of myself, I don’t mean endless days of warm sunshine.  Now, that would be amazing but a bit farfetched even for my positive ‘glass half full’ attitude.  What I mean is the light evenings have arrived.  It’s great to be able to go for a
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The biggest revelation of the weekend……

This week Julia and I made the trip to the Aviva Stadium to watch Ulster play Leinster in the Champions Cup Quarter Final.  This was the first time Ulster Rugby had reached this stage of the competition in 5 years.  So, we got the kids looked after and headed for Dublin.  I used to spend a fair bit
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Chickenpox, the joys!

Ah the sunshine.  By the time you read this it will probably be raining but as I sit down to type the sun is beaming through the window and I am anticipating tomorrow being Friday and a brilliant weekend ahead including travelling to Dublin to watch Ulster in the Champions Cup Quarter Final. This week has
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