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I write this having spent the day catching up with friends. One who now lives in Canada and one of my oldest uni mates. I love how even when you don’t see certain people for long periods of time you can pick up where you left off. That for me is the most important thing in life.  Relationships. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world and if you’ve made a million pounds (not that I would know) being able to share experiences, chats and having friendships that last a lifetime really are the best thing. I am very thankful for that. 

I really have the bit between my teeth to better my golf game. I have been taking lessons this past two weeks. Embarrassingly I now have a handicap of 20!  I am hoping to make a dent in that before the end of September, but you need to be out practicing all the time. Unfortunately getting the time is difficult. If only there was a quick fix – lols!

I made it to two gigs this weekend. Firstly Lush classical on the beach at Portrush on Saturday. Celebrating 50 years of the Kellys complex which houses the famous nightclub. Col Hamilton, Brothers in Rhythm and the Ulster Orchestra put on another one of their now legendary shows. This is the fourth time I’ve seen it, and even in the rain was electric. It’s a guaranteed brilliant night and this time around it didn’t disappoint. We headed to the nightclub straight after the show for Seb Fountaine and Tall Paul. I was in my element reliving my younger years. Congrats to Col and everyone at Lush.  I’m hoping for more of the same in years to come. 

Sunday night and it was gig 2.  Scotsman Gerry Cinnamon played Custom House Sq in Belfast. I have a new hero. It was like being at a dance event but with the use of a guitar. The atmosphere was electric and the crowd bounced for the entire show. There is no doubt Gerry is a character, full of fun and someone who has proved the doubters wrong (something that he referenced during the show). ‘We’re all going to have fun’ he said ‘no injuries’ which made me laugh. If you get a chance go and see him, but be warned his gigs sell out extra fast; so much so that a huge crowd from Glasgow came to Belfast for the show as they couldn’t get a ticket at home.  

Learning of the wk.  Having been out Sat night and feeling slightly fragile the next day. A bottle of non alcoholic beer works just as effectively as a cure.  

Also I finally had a Tim Hortons coffee for the first time. Nice!!

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