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I have a couple of mottos in life that I always try to stick by. Firstly my late Dad would quote  ‘don’t let the b******* get you down’, when I was letting the haters get the better of me, and secondly ‘keep it simple’. I literally say it everyday to my team on air. A few months ago I was hosting an event and in a random conversation with someone who I’d never met before she mentioned ‘Clubbercise’ which she was going to at a primary school assembly hall. What a great idea I thought but if your going to do a fitness type event based on clubbing, surely you should take it to a club. Simple I thought.  Little did I think that Paulo who works on the show and hates nightclubs would say ‘let’s run our own event’. Rebecca was in like flynn, I didn’t need to ask her twice.  ‘Let’s do it for Cool FM’s charity’ and raise some money.  Simple.  We mentioned it on air as we needed a name and a caller to the show came up with ‘Fundraver’. Simple! The Cash for kids team contacted a few clubs and found Fourteen in Belfast who wanted to help us out and that was that, the event was on. Two talk ups on air and a sell out! Amazing. A simple idea, loads of glow sticks and high vis, a couple of great fitness instructors in Kylee and JD, great tunes, great company and the simple common goal of having fun, raising money and getting some exercise.
Take a look ⬇️
Mission accomplished. On to the next one. Thank you if you listen to the radio show, for joining in on and off air and for making our ‘Fundraver’ a success. Oggy Oggy Oggy………
Rave on,

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