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It was 10 years ago this week that Apple launched the I Pad.  Does that make you feel old?  I’ve had one, but honestly I don’t see the point.  I have a phone and a MacBook, my I pad just gathered dust.

In the past week I have discovered two things that I never knew I needed in my life. Firstly a ‘Banana Armour.’  This was a topic of great amusement on the radio show.  Julia insisted I buy her one to stop her banana being bruised in her handbag. Yes, I did just say that.  I don’t know about you but I would be embarrassed to take this out and remove a banana from it.  Each to their own.

The other discovery is a simple math’s game called ‘Shut the Box.’  I never played it as a kid and had never heard of it.  The origins of the game where invented long before I was on the planet.  It is simple, fun and good for kids to improve their math’s skills.  

Last week we had our third ‘Fundraver’ event raising money for Cool FM’s charity ‘Cash for Kids’.  Big dance tunes, a fitness class, no alcohol and held in a nightclub.  We chose the ‘Limelight’ in Belfast this time.  The sound, lights and production were first class and we had a sell out.  Thanks to everyone who came along to ‘rave and raise’ money for disadvantaged children across Northern Ireland.  We held the event on Blue Monday in a bid to turn the so-called most depressing day of the year on its head.

Fundraver in action

Last week I got to hear one of footballs greatest talents in conversation.  The Liverpool and Celtic legend, Kenny Dalglish. Kenny was both an amazing footballer and manager and won everything in the club game.  He shared stories of management, his playing days and his thoughts on the current Liverpool team. My only wish was that my Dad who was his biggest fan was around to go and see him.  He would have loved that.  One day many years ago at Anfield we took the wrong door and ended up in corporate hospitality where Kenny was on stage.  My Dad said ‘there’s Dalglish; brilliant!!’.  At that exact moment we were asked to move on.  I’m chuckling to myself writing this.  He would have loved Kenny’s appearance in Belfast.

This week ‘Wotsits’ were trending on Twitter.  There is so much I didn’t know about the cheesy crisp which to be honest I don’t like.  Firstly it comes in a prawn cocktail flavour, who knew? It is one of the most popular crisps in the UK (give me Tayto everytime).  And, according to one of my followers on twitter they are mighty washed down with red wine.

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