I always wonder if they truly knew how much they were loved

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I pen my thoughts this week after hearing the news of the passing of legendary Irish Broadcaster Gay Byrne.  Unlike many people who grew up across Ireland watching Gay, at home we didn’t receive RTE. It wasn’t until my late teens I got to know who Gay Byrne was, the influence he had and the esteem with which he was held.  Legend is a term too easily used as a throw away statement nowadays, but is a term fitting of this gentleman I admired from afar.  When people with a stature and status such as his pass away I always wonder if they truly knew how much they were loved and how big a role they played in peoples lives.  Eamonn Holmes tweet says it all.  

If you missed my chat with Gary Lightbody on the radio show last week you can see it in full below.  This is one of my favourite interviews this year.  Open, honest, thoughtful and down to earth are just some of the terms I would use to describe the Snow Patrol front man.  He was a gent.

Halloween has been and gone for another year. I successfully removed the now mushy pumpkins from the house without my hands going through them.  They were hairy by the time Halloween night came along! This year I hosted the Hallowtides event in Newcastle.  The fireworks were amazing and thousands of people turned out to support and take part in the parade that lined the promenade in the County Down town.  I have the utmost respect for everyone who did. The weather was awful and the rain came at us sideways and was proper wet rain if that makes sense.  It is testament to the organisers that people came out in their droves despite the weather and that is because year after year they give those who travel to the town one of the best fireworks displays around. This year was no different.  I dressed up as a Ghostbuster.  The outfit was fairly slim line and when I bent over to tie my laces it didn’t split, result!

The Rugby World Cup has finished and South Africa crowned champions.  It wasn’t to be for Ireland; and England having made the final were left thinking of what could have been.  Looking at the scenes created and the significance of the South Africa win reinforces what I’ve always believed.  Sport breaks down barriers and brings people together.  The tournament was a huge success; and from both hosting it and their performances on the pitch Japan have arrived on the world stage and picked up many new fans.  

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