Chickenpox, the joys!

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Ah the sunshine.  By the time you read this it will probably be raining but as I sit down to type the sun is beaming through the window and I am anticipating tomorrow being Friday and a brilliant weekend ahead including travelling to Dublin to watch Ulster in the Champions Cup Quarter Final.

This week has flown by work wise but at home we have had a sick house and for Ivana my eldest, this week has dragged in.  Chickenpox, the joys!  I remember having them myself as kid; they’re itchy aren’t they?  The last thing you say is don’t itch, as that is all she will want to do.  I never remember being upset myself when I was off school.  I think it’s fair to say she is busting to go back.  We did get out of the house for a walk and a kick of the football in the park.  I’m introducing her to the beautiful game in the hope she will grow to love it.

Talking of the beautiful game, many congratulations to Michael O’Neill and the Northern Ireland team on their two wins from two in the opening games of the Euro 2020 qualifiers.  A 2-0 win over Estonia and a 2-1 win over Belarus with both games played in Belfast had the fans in a frenzy and even at this early stage of the campaign we dare to dream again.  There is of course a long way to go and with Germany and the Netherlands in our group big challenges lie ahead. In the meantime, roll on June and the away fixtures with Estonia and Belarus.

Going in for the tackle, the boss got the better of me though.

I was delighted to be part of a media team who turned out to train with both Michael O’Neill and Pat Jennings at the launch of the new Fun Football sessions this week. I hosted the event at the National Stadium and then took to the pitch to show of my skills.  I’m laughing to myself as I typed that.  I don’t think Michael will be giving me a call up anytime soon.  Fun football is a new initiative that is for kids aged 5-11 and is a great introduction to the game plus they are free.   For more info check out

A really enjoyable day.

The 90’s are back.  Big brands are splashing their logos across jumpers, t-shirts, trainers and even luggage. I see Hilfiger, Balenciaga, and Gucci in magazines.  I see Addidas, Nike and Champion on the streets and this week I wasn’t expecting to see NASA.  Yes, a stalwart from the 90’s rave scene.  NASA – Nice and Safe Attitude.  I’ll be expecting ‘DP’ Daniel Poole next!

Finally this week, I let the bikes that have been sitting in my shed collecting dust out to see the daylight and got them prepped for the summer months.  I have been a proud owner of a trailgator for over a year now. This contraption attaches a kid’s bike to an adult bike and lifts the front wheel of the kid’s bike off the ground. In simple terms you tow the kids bike with your child on it.  So, in theory it prevents the cry of ‘Dad I’m too tired’.  I’m not one for DIY but I think I’ve got it sorted and it will work. Fingers crossed.  I’ll let you know how we go.

Have a great week and thanks for reading.



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