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Ivana starting P5 this year. I can’t believe it.

I write tonight on the eve of a new school year.  I can’t believe my daughter Ivana starts P5 tomorrow. The new uniform is pressed and ready and the black patent shoes are box fresh.  The pencil case is filled (but for how long?) and the excitement is building. 

Now don’t get me wrong I had a great time at school, I had ups and downs along the way, but in general I too loved school.  However, I didn’t have an excitement for going back after the summer break that she does.  I think it’s brilliant and long may it continue.  I always remember the last day of the holidays and as sad as it sounds I always felt really emotional as if I could cry.  The summer was done for another year and it would take ages for it to come around again.  Now with a few years under my belt the years seem to come and go at a hurtling pace. I love watching my girls with their innocence, love for life and excitement for school, learning, friendships and having a great time.  There is a genuine buzz even more so as Ivana has been unwell this weekend and was worried she would miss day 1 of the New Year.  Now, she is fighting fit and deciding what way she would like her hair done for the big day.  When it comes to buns, ponytails and plaits I’m delighted I’ll be on air.

Pete Snodden at Castlerock Golf Club

I must be boring you with my golf chat,  but having played the game since I was a kid I am getting around to playing more regularly at the minute and I’m loving it!  I do however have a problem.  Consistency.  Actually consistency is what I have in abundance.  For many holes I am consistently good and then I’m consistently bad, there is literally no in between.  I’m working on it though and hope to play as much as I can in September before winter bites in October.  I played three different courses this week.  I know what you’re thinking, you’re flash!  Well, the boys from the now defunct 21 Social golf society (The nightclub in Belfast were I have played for years) got together for a couple of rounds on the North Coast.  We played Castlerock and the ‘Riverside’ course at Portstewart over the weekend. I also played for the first time with the Ulster Press Society at Templepatrick on Friday.  The most consistent thing about the golf was the weather.  It was absolutely fab.  

The Riverside course at Portstewart GC

If you’ve never tried the game I can highly recommend it.  It will frustrate you but when you hit a good shot there is not a feeling in the world like it.

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