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January always feels like the longest month doesn’t it?  Is it because you get paid a week before Christmas and payday feels like it’s never coming?  Or is it because of the dark nights and cold days? Or is it because all the excitement leading up to, and over Christmas has passed, and you have an almighty come down? Listen, I don’t know why it feels long but it just does.  I said at the tail end of last year that in 2020 I hoped to have more fun than I did in 2019.  I have set myself a tough job, as I had loads of fun last year. 

I have started the year by going on two football trips.  The first was to see Liverpool play at Anfield and secondly to see them play Spurs at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.  I said as soon as that stadium opened and I saw it on the TV that I wanted to go.  When I was a kid I dreamed of going to Anfield, the Camp Nou and the Bernabeu stadiums both in Spain, Wembley and Madison Square Garden.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see them all.  The new Spurs ground was the first stadium in years that I thought I wanted to visit.  It did not disappoint.  There wasn’t a bad seat in the house, it’s ultra modern in its look outside but brings a traditional feel around some of the bars on the inside.  It is state of the art, easy to get in and out of, and getting a drink and food is a piece of cake.  Entertainment is on all levels pre and post match and all in all it was a great experience.  Liverpool won and another 3 points were in the bag.  When I was 9 years of age and rocking my Liverpool ‘Candy’ sponsored away shirt they won the league title.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have to wait 30 years for them to win it again.  It is by no means done but if we don’t win it this season it may never happen again. It has been a brilliant journey so far I can’t wait for the team to get it over the line.  I am smiling from ear to ear as I write this by the way.  I now have to reign it in lols.

It has been a source of amusement in our house over the last few weeks since Santa brought us a number of Alexa’s.  Julia keeps on saying thanks Alexa after she works her magic to no response whatsoever. I mentioned this on the radio show and it seems she is not alone.  According to our listeners the key to success is to say Alexa, thank you, and she responds with “you’re welcome!”  Result; yet again Alexa has the answer and very polite she is too.

Like many people I have been sticking to a regular exercise regime in January.  I always find it difficult over November and December, as it’s generally my busiest time of year, workwise.  For those of you who think time is going too quickly, give this some thought I spotted it online. ‘You don’t realize how long a minute is until your exercising’.

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